Mind Block AKA Time Block


D always says, “In order to have time for something, you have to make it a priority.”  Truth be told this blog hasn’t been much of a priority for some time now. I kept telling myself that I didn’t have time to blog but truthfully I think I am scared to make time and really put myself out there. 

I started it because I wanted to be part of a community, albeit an online one.  We moved to our new mid-west location over a year ago now and I am still feeling a bit out of place and alone.  I’ve always enjoyed blogs, especially “mommy blogs” and figured that I could add my thoughts to the great web of stuff out there.  

It certainly hasn’t turned out that way though.  It can be hard to find things to right about.  The nature of my job as a teacher and my husband’s job at our church makes out lives subject to scrutiny…and I feel like I can’t share enough here to make it “real” or make it feel like I am blogging my best.  

So, I’ve got a predicament.  I want to blog.  I feel I need to blog…but how do I do that when I can’t share so much of my life?  How do I do it when I feel bogged down with the day to day of being a wife/mom/teacher/cook/housekeeper/Christian.  

That’s my mind block. Image 


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