Pass The Modge-Podge


According to Urban Dictionary modge-podge is “a word used to describe a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things; a “mess” or a “jumble”” OR a craft medium, “Mod-Podge” used to decoupage. Image

I love to modge-podge; the smell, the sticky, the way that a jumble of indistinct, and sometimes dissimilar items can be turned into something beautiful is SO APPEALING and forgiving.  If you mess up, just modge-podge another layer on!  You remember what is there underneath it all, there may be a bit of a bump or ridge on the final product, but that craft, that creation is yours, bumps and all. A collage of mistakes.

Sometimes…okay, honesty time, usually about three times a week, my life needs some modge-podge.  The world we live in sends out these expectations that nobody can meet.  Have a successful career (and in order to do that, bring some work home so you can stay on top of the game).  Be a mom; cleverly themed parties, quality play time, teach them their letters and numbers (before their first birthday). Okay maybe not that last bit, but it’s what it feels like.  Be a good wife (clean house, healthy meals, adore and cherish your marriage).  Be a godly woman (go to church, show your kids how to follow Jesus, be active in your faith, Bible studies, stewards of money/giving).

With all of those things above being “expected” by society it is no wonder I feel “unglued” at times.  I do realize that only I can control my life and that I am the one who let’s those societal expectations seep into my psyche, but it is so hard!

D and I have decided to run a 5k.  We are not runners, but in an effort to stay healthy and motivate one another we are doing it!  WOOT!  Well, I went for a run yesterday.  I got home, changed into my running clothes, grabbed my house key, iPod, the dog and we were off.  I had a great run.  Got home…my key wouldn’t work.  Umm….what?! I have dishes to do. I have a dinner I need to have done.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE KEY DOESN’T FIT THE LOCK!?!?! AHHHHH!!!!  I sat down on the porch and teared up.  I was trying so hard and then this little thing made me come unglued.

I try to be a good teacher.  I try to help my students learn.  I try to stay healthy and in shape.  I try to make a healthy dinner that is within our budget.  I try to bring praise to God. I try to love my husband in all that I do.  I try to give Peapod it all.  And I fail.

I need modge-podge. I need God’s modge-podge.  I need grace.

Praise God that he gives it without any strings attached.  When I become unglued I remember that God will modge-podge me back together.  He will smooth it all over with a shiny, new layer of grace.  There might be bumps, but those bumps in my life are a part of me.  They are the struggles that bring me closer to Him…and he doesn’t see those bumps.

All He sees is a beautiful crafty creation.



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  1. I never thought of Mod-Podge this way! I will now be looking at myself and LIFE and a whole new light. Thank you so much for this, It was needed.

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