Visalus 90 day challenge


Well, blogger-verse, I have yet to find my rhythm to posting but here I am again!

Kelly always does a Show UYour Life post on Friday and today is workout/weight loss.  I am all about this!  

When I started college I weighed a whopping 120lbs and years passed and college and married life happened and I went from a size 5 in juniors to a size 12 in misses (160lbs).  

I felt big. “People” still said I looked fine, my husband said the right things to help me feel better but I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.  I would vow to start eating right, exercise and inevitably I would fall off the wagon and the pounds kept packin’ on.  

When I got pregnant with Peapod, I put all thoughts of dieting aside and instead just started making very concious choices with my food; more veggies, more whole fruits, no juice, no pop, etc…And I am very proud to say I kept within normal pregnancy weight gain limits.  WOOHOO!  

When Peapod was born, I almost immediatly when back to my pre-pregnancy weight (luck, prayer, eating right and breastfeeding) of 160lbs and a size 12.  BUT I still wasn’t happy.  

I heard through a friend at church about this diet/protein/nutrition shake thingy and at first I wrote it off.  It was a little expensive, surely it would work as well as she said it would but finally when last September came I gave in.  

D and I talked it over and we discussed how my previous tries to loose the pounds kept failing and maybe this shake thingy would at least be a catalyst and incentive for me to follow through.  Enter VISALUS into my life! Image

I chose to do the one shake a day for breakfast and I added a banana.  I drank more water during the day, I ate a healthy lunch (whole fruits and veggies, sometimes a yogurt), smaller portions for dinner and no snacking after dinner.  Added in some exercise 4-5 times a week and the pounds started to melt off! 

I am now a size 4-6 misses and weigh 129 lbs!  I feel great!  I love the way I look and I just couldn’t be happier!  Visalus really works and it has changed my life! Check it out! and if you choose to order, use my customer number to order, #2425662.  The more you share the more you get for free and the more you could win!



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