Well, since the last time I posted this little family survived the month of “Marchuary”! Ugh, the Midwest in March was not pleasant! 

And as a little survival gift to ourselves, and as all good midwesterners do, we packed up and headed south!  WOOHOO!  And where to you ask?


The In-Laws ALWAYS get a villa at a fantastic resort in Pompano Beach, FL during spring break and our breaks lined up!  Hooray!  So, after D found some super cheap, cash-flowable plane tickets, we packed up all of our bags (holy cats, the bags, the bags, the bags).  Peapod has a lot of stuff she “needs” when we travel, oy! 

Anyway, we were in beautiful, sunny Florida with a cabana all for ourselves (and the in-laws). We got to celebrate Easter at the local church and then spent the rest of the week soaking up the sun.  Vitamin D has never felt so good!  MMMMM! 

Peapod got to see the ocean for the first time, swim for the first time (pool and ocean), build sand castles, and explore sea shells. Happy Easter!

D and I got some much needed sun and had some extra hands to help with Peapod, thus giving us a little bit of a rest (despite the soreness from the uber springy pull out bed).  

The Fam




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