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Happy 1st Birthday, Peapod!


It is so hard to believe that a year ago today our little Peapod was born.  

It seems like yesterday that I woke up with contractions (dreaming that I was giving birth to Michael Orr, from “The Blindside”). A year full of time I wouldn’t trade for anything!  D and I had planned on an all natural birth (no painkillers, Bradley method, birthing ball, etc…) but when we got there our little girl was in distress.  After seven hours I wasn’t progressing very fast and my midwife and nurses couldn’t keep Peapod’s heart on the monitor.  After trying different positions and trying an internal monitor, the OB came in and said that we had to get her out, “NOW”. Scariest half hour of my life, full of emotions and tears I was wheeled to the OR to get an emergency C-Section.  I will never forget how quick things passed.  Suddenly, D was in there in scrubs and a mask, holding my hand and getting ready to take pictures.  The anesthesiologist was the nicest man, describing things that were happening and keeping me calm.  Then they said “Lot’s of pressure!” and I heard our little girl crying!

The cord had been wrapped around her neck multiple times and she was a bit blue, but she was safe and breathing and beautiful!  D followed her (under strict orders not to leave her side) to the incubator and waiting nurses.  I got to see her for a few minutes before they started to wheel her out and I had to stay.  My heart was wrenched.  They had to take her away and all I wanted to do was feel her warm little body against my skin.  She was a part of me and she had to leave me for the first time in nine months.

I had to stay and get stitched up.  The amazing anesthesiologist asked me what my favorite band was and put them on the OR stereo for me to listen to.  It seemed like forever, but at least Hanson was playing. 

D came back when I had been wheeled into recovery, we decided on her name and I finally got to hold her.  I felt whole.  I felt so glowingly happy and I still do.

I cannot believe it has been a year.  365 days of Peapod in our lives.  There have been trying times.  Times that I do miss my pre-child life, but I would never want to go back to it.  Never!  Peapod is the reason I exist.  I cannot wait to see the future with her and I hold on to every fleeting second while it is here.  




Visalus 90 day challenge


Well, blogger-verse, I have yet to find my rhythm to posting but here I am again!

Kelly always does a Show UYour Life post on Friday and today is workout/weight loss.  I am all about this!  

When I started college I weighed a whopping 120lbs and years passed and college and married life happened and I went from a size 5 in juniors to a size 12 in misses (160lbs).  

I felt big. “People” still said I looked fine, my husband said the right things to help me feel better but I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.  I would vow to start eating right, exercise and inevitably I would fall off the wagon and the pounds kept packin’ on.  

When I got pregnant with Peapod, I put all thoughts of dieting aside and instead just started making very concious choices with my food; more veggies, more whole fruits, no juice, no pop, etc…And I am very proud to say I kept within normal pregnancy weight gain limits.  WOOHOO!  

When Peapod was born, I almost immediatly when back to my pre-pregnancy weight (luck, prayer, eating right and breastfeeding) of 160lbs and a size 12.  BUT I still wasn’t happy.  

I heard through a friend at church about this diet/protein/nutrition shake thingy and at first I wrote it off.  It was a little expensive, surely it would work as well as she said it would but finally when last September came I gave in.  

D and I talked it over and we discussed how my previous tries to loose the pounds kept failing and maybe this shake thingy would at least be a catalyst and incentive for me to follow through.  Enter VISALUS into my life! Image

I chose to do the one shake a day for breakfast and I added a banana.  I drank more water during the day, I ate a healthy lunch (whole fruits and veggies, sometimes a yogurt), smaller portions for dinner and no snacking after dinner.  Added in some exercise 4-5 times a week and the pounds started to melt off! 

I am now a size 4-6 misses and weigh 129 lbs!  I feel great!  I love the way I look and I just couldn’t be happier!  Visalus really works and it has changed my life! Check it out! and if you choose to order, use my customer number to order, #2425662.  The more you share the more you get for free and the more you could win!





Well, since the last time I posted this little family survived the month of “Marchuary”! Ugh, the Midwest in March was not pleasant! 

And as a little survival gift to ourselves, and as all good midwesterners do, we packed up and headed south!  WOOHOO!  And where to you ask?


The In-Laws ALWAYS get a villa at a fantastic resort in Pompano Beach, FL during spring break and our breaks lined up!  Hooray!  So, after D found some super cheap, cash-flowable plane tickets, we packed up all of our bags (holy cats, the bags, the bags, the bags).  Peapod has a lot of stuff she “needs” when we travel, oy! 

Anyway, we were in beautiful, sunny Florida with a cabana all for ourselves (and the in-laws). We got to celebrate Easter at the local church and then spent the rest of the week soaking up the sun.  Vitamin D has never felt so good!  MMMMM! 

Peapod got to see the ocean for the first time, swim for the first time (pool and ocean), build sand castles, and explore sea shells. Happy Easter!

D and I got some much needed sun and had some extra hands to help with Peapod, thus giving us a little bit of a rest (despite the soreness from the uber springy pull out bed).  

The Fam