First Time – Meeting D, Officially


The first time I met D, he was coming out of a camel……

I have never been a “math person”.  Numbers almost literally swim before my eyes, so as the end of my junior year of high was coming to a close and I was half-way through an advanced algebra class I decided to drop out and do something that I might actually enjoy.  I quit math and started drama class!  Freedom!

One of my favorite teachers was teaching the class, it was definitely more in my comfort zone and it was EASY.  On the first day, I walked into the class and (this is going to sound so mean, and I apologize but I was 17) I had the choice of sitting next to “The Smelly Girl” or  “The Popular Boy Who Had Previously Thrown A Binder At My Head”.  I chose the former.

Drama did not seem like much fun now.  Sitting next to a “preppy” for the next six weeks being forced to work together, but at least I didn’t have to sit directly next to “The Smelly Girl”.

The class started and my teacher began it with an improve routine. She called on volunteers and Preppy went up.  Now, I don’t remember the exact premise of this skit, but somehow or another Preppy a.k.a. D was being birthed out of a camel.  Yuck, but hilarious in the moment.  I started to feel an inkling of actual tolerance towards this preppy kid.

Needless to say, drama class became my favorite class of the day.  First thing in the morning I got to hang out with this guy and he was proving all of my previous judgments wrong.  He was kind.  Funny.  Still very cute.  We began to partner up for things to work on outside of school.  I began to notice that my teacher was pairing us together and I certainly wasn’t objecting.

I started to spend more time with him then with my actual boyfriend.  “Uh oh”, high school dramatics about to ensue.  After much thought, and being seen by my boyfriends best friend outside of D’s house, I was finally true to my heart.  I liked D.  I liked him a lot, and I wanted to spend as much time with him that I could.  I remember calling D one day after school and saying “I’ll be over in a couple of minutes, I have to go break up with my boyfriend”.  Ha!  Scandalous!  In less then 20 minutes I had driven from my house to dump my boyfriend and back to D’s house to begin the most wonderful friendship turned romance ever.

The rest of that school year was a whirlwind.  I spent as much time with D as I could.  He was leaving for college in the fall and I knew I wanted to keep the relationship strong.  Most of my friends weren’t very supportive stating that “All long distance and college-high school relationships fail”.  I wasn’t going to let that happen and I lost some friends from that choice.  However, I knew this was worth it.  D was the real deal and I was quickly falling for him.   Who would have guessed we could later claim the title of “High School Sweethearts”


The hallowed halls of our first meeting – “Midwest High school”


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