The First Time I Saw D AND Terrific Tuesday


I have decided today will be terrific.  It is all about maintaining a positive attitude! WOOT!

Any way…on to the first time I met D.  

[cue dramatic swirls of color taking you back in time to 1998]

I am an awkward 7th grader in a big pool of equally awkward pre-teens.  Cool things were baggy jeans and chokers, Hanson and Backstreet Boys, bleached hair and gel.  Image

Here’s me (on the left) circa 1998ish and my beautiful cousin!  

The news on the street was that there was a new 8th grade boy at our school.  This was headline news for me and my friends as we were just a tad boy-crazy.  And as the year went by we heard about him, had brushes with him, heard that one of the “popular” girls was “dating” him.  And, as luck would have it he rode my bus.  Now, I would never actually talk to this boy but just to set eyes on the new boy was enough to make a 12 year old girl’s heart skip a beat.  

I entered our large, yellow, and smelly bus #91, said “Hi” to Carl, the best bus driver ever ,and found my seat next to my best friend.  Now, I don’t know about you all, but middle school is complex environment full of social do’s and don’ts, and for us one of these was the back of the bus was reserved for “way cooler” 8th graders, including the new boy.  

We had a prime viewing spot to watch New Boy walk by everyday.  

My 7th grade year came to a close.  New Boy’s romance with Popular Girl was “over”.  Summer was setting in and this was the last day to see New Boy walk by on his way to the back of the bus.  

I remember that moment like it was yesterday.  He was so cute, with his bleach blond tips and gel, over sized T-shirt and shorts.  everything a 7th grade girl could dream of.  

Well, as the bus pulled away, somebody yelled to Carl, “Can we have a paper fight?” After all, it was the last day of school and Carl was the coolest bus driver so of course the answer was “yes”.  Paper throwing chaos ensued; crumpled algebra and colored maps of Europe were tossed around the humid bus as we drove towards summer vacation.  And as I was enjoying the freedom to be a complete fool, I got hit in the head by something hard.  OUCH!

I grabbed the light blue, plastic binder that hit me in my head. We were all required to carry these while at school.  I searched the cover for a name to see what annoying 8th grader had chucked it at my head and low and behold HIS name was there.  New Boy had thrown a binder at my head.  

I slumped into my seat.  Confided in my best friend that New Boy was a jerk/dork/nerd and I couldn’t wait for summer.  

And this was my first encounter with D, New Boy, my fantastic husband! Who would have guessed that this 8th grader would turn out to be my husband.  Stay tuned for the first time we officially met. 

(D of course has no recollection of hitting a poor 7th grade girl in the head with his binder, though he does remember the paper fight and throwing his binder. )



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