Two Happiest Places on Earth!


It is Show Us Your Life Friday on Kelly’s blog and the theme is favorite vacation spots!

I don’t know about all of you guys, but I need a vacation! March is the toughest month of the year!


I have two favorites.  One is Michigan and the other Disneyworld.  BOTH ARE SUPER HAPPY PLACES!  I can’t help but smile when I pass over the Michigan border and I can’t help but get butterflies when I see the EPCOT ball!  Ha!  

Michigan – I love everything about Michigan.  I love the seasons, I love the people, I love the  Upper Peninsula and the Lower.  I grew up in South West Michigan within a 20 minute drive of beach days at Lake Michigan.  People are polite drivers (which is something I took for granted until I moved away).  I love the accents (“Oh, yeah, ey?!) My mom is from the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) and we spent A LOT of time up there when I was young.  Michigan is beautiful and rustic.  It’s my home.  I love vacationing at home.  We spend holidays there and usually a week or two every summer.  LOVE THE MITTEN STATE!



This is Dagny (the dog), D, me and little Pea Pod this past summer.  We are in near the “pinky” of the mitten on vacation at my parents place.  



This is D and I with Dagny on top of Hog’s Back mountain in the Upper Peninsula (my brother is the camera guy).  GORGEOUS! 

Disney World – If you aren’t happy when you go to Disney you are not human.  Disney is the best destination ever.  Granted, I have not been to Europe or anywhere non-American besides Canada, which doesn’t count, but…still!  HAPPIEST PLACE!  D and I went there for our honeymoon (so much fun).  We like to go places and do things.  We are not the types who enjoy sitting everyday for a vacation (though that may change as Pea Pod gets older). We like to do things and Disney is totally the place to do things.  We are Disney planners and doers.  We like to do everything in the park.  We have a tour plan that we stick to to the minute and we train with our “theme park walk” (think speed walking while dodging slower park-goers, ha!)  We love Disney.  We went for our first wedding anniversary and we are headed there this summer to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary (and Pea Pod is headed to Grandma Camp)!  We have already decided the restaurants and the exact entrees we are ordering. Yep…Disney freaks and proud of it!   Image

Disney World – 2009 for our first anniversary

ImageMy dream is to spend the night in that castle….Cinderella’s Suite…someday, when I am a millionaire.  


I love vacation!  (Oh, and did I mention we are going to retire in Kissimee, FL and work at Disney part time?!) Ha!



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  1. Great pictures, and your little one is a DOLL! Hope you’ll stop by my blog and check out the Easter link hop coming on the 28th! It’s a link party to showcase your Easter Baskets!

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