The First Time – Being a Teacher


I became a teacher.  I swore I never would.  Over and over when I was little people would tell me what a great teacher I would become.  I was in total denial.  

I chose my college, signed up for the nursing program, and then as I arrived for freshman orientation I was told that they had dropped the program.  Well, gee!  I wasn’t going to leave the school; I wanted to be there! So, instead I just went “undeclared”.  Ha!  Undeclared, as far as God was concerned I was a declared education student from the time I was born!  

I started working at the campus child care center “just for money”.  Still in denial, I continued through my first year.  And as if it couldn’t get any more obvious, I was placed in charge of teaching a class of kindergartners for a small portion of my job.  Slowly, the “just for money” job became my favorite part of the day.   

Finally, I saw the road signs.  God had once again been setting me up to become what I always was meant to be, a teacher.  I still find myself struggling against it at times and wondering “What if?” but I am trying to abide and stop chasing happiness.  God has placed me in this career for a reason and it may not be clear to me on a daily basis, but I am learning to trust in Him.  

Everyday is an adventure as a teacher.  Every day is the first time again.  Wondering what moods the kids will be in, what will and won’t be accomplished and so much more…but the best part is the unknown.  The wonder and as I like to call them, the “Praise the Lord!” moments when my kindergartners and 1st graders finally get it! 

-The Formerly In-Denial Kindergarten Teacher a.k.a. The Midwest Mom 


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