The First Time


Welcome to The Midwest Mom!  This is the first post and it’ll be a cliff hanger! Hop over to the About Me to learn more…about me! 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved journal-ing.  I remember my purple diary with a lock, and the key that I wore around my neck, as if the name of the boy I had a crush on was as precious as the gold in Ft. Knox. Journal-ing became my release.  It’s a place where I can let it go. I can write and let my heart spill out.  It started with childhood crushes, progressed to deep reflections and…. now I have officially started a blog.  

A blog you say?  Seems like a natural step for a chronic journaler. And I have a confession for the blog universe….this is not my first time blogging.  I have tried numerous times and then sputtered out.  But after reading more blogs lately I think I may have found my niche…MOMMY BLOGGING! I have loved reading other mommy blogs, Kelly’s Korner, The Pioneer Woman, Bring the Rain, The Blue Eyed Bride, to name a few.  But, along with those being mom blogs, they are woman blogs, real women with real lives and I want to have a place to spew my feelings. Even if nobody ever comes her.  I am going to truly try to get this blog up and moving.  

In an effort to keep this blog moving, I am going to begin with a series of posts all about firsts. Stay tuned!


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